ESP, Celebrating 15 Years – Empowering Medical Communication

Albert Einstein noted “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

This belief that ‘success starts with change’ led to the founding in 2007 of Empowering Strategic Performance (ESP), with the goal of enhancing sales team’s performance through maximising communication during the interaction between Representatives and their healthcare professional customers. ESP’s full-service medical communication division followed in 2008 in response to clients’ need to expand our approach to other channels of customer interaction.

Over an amazing 15 years, ESP have become experts in Neuroscience, Oncology and Endocrinology and have had the privilege to collaborate with outstanding clients on innovative and exciting communication initiatives in over 30 therapeutic areas, and countries spanning 4 continents. From, impactful strategy, to creative content, innovative digital and emotive design – ESP have done it all.

In addition to a series of salesforce effectiveness and benchmarking events, an inaugural publication plan, expert mapping, digital journal, eLearning, campaign materials, an expert engagement programme, an advisory board, and symposia were all delivered in ESP’s first year. As a team ESP continues to grow, and adapt, with digital communication, health outcomes and real-world evidence now being an integral part of the innovative medical communications we deliver.

None of ESP’s success would be possible without our ESP team – a group of scientifically-savvy, creative and conscientious individuals with the common goal of improving patient care. To all those, past and present, who have helped ESP over the last 15 years – thank you.

Catherine Murphy and Steve Waye – Co-founders, Empowering Strategic Performance