Medical Education

Expert engagement, digital peer-to-peer education, and publishing


The brief

Develop on behalf of the Swedish Parkinson’s Association peer-to-peer medical education for movement disorder and Parkinson’s disease specialists on continuous dopaminergic stimulation (CDS).

Our solution

ESP engaged with leading Parkinson’s disease experts from Lund University and King’s College Hospital to create the CDS Academy for Medical Education to create its first initiative, a digital book ‘Where are we? Continuous Dopaminergic Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease.’

The result

Edited by leading continuous dopaminergic stimulation experts - Professors Per Odin, K Ray Chaudhuri, and Sten-Magnus Aquilonius, 34 Parkinson’s disease specialists were engaged as contributors to develop medical education covering all aspects of the care of patients. The book gives expert insight into today’s reality of treating Parkinson’s disease with continuous dopaminergic stimulation from diagnosis to therapeutic options such as Levodopa based pump infusion; motor symptom and non-motor symptom management, as well as complimentary approaches to improve patient care.
To learn more, click-here: CDS TEXTBOOK